( With optional stage performance )

1 class only - Monday 350pm -410 pm (20 min)

A fun little dance class where the littlies get to bop their hearts out, following easy moves and fun routines. A mix of dance styles, a little bit of mime and a game to finish the littlies are kept busy and moving for the entire 20 minutes and will have the option to perform in our Mid and End of year shows.

Because this is a performance based class we don't have parents watching in the room at all but your are more than welcome to wait in the foyer area. The main reason we do this is because parents cannot be backstage during a performance so the little ones need to get used to that environment.
Another reason is that at such a young age, is it a great distraction to the class when there are others in the room besides their teachers.
Please do not start your child in this class until you know they are ready to enter the classroom without you. Recommended for 3yrs +

COST $50 PER TERM (runs 10 weeks)
Classes run same as school term